Bring human element into

brand visuals

More People

Zefr improves the digital video experience by bringing contextual advertising into user’s watch sessions. A library of approved photography and videos has been created to add the human element to Zefr’s video targeting story.


Highlight the product

Product Showcases

To help place our proposition value in front and center, a library of “showcase elements” have been designed. These elements help the Zefr product pop on pages and distinguish our interface from other interface mockups that are often in the same presentation. (YouTube interface, entertainment/influencer content, etc). 

Brand Voice Guidelines

Consistent visual queues should exist across all touch points, but Zefr’s brand voice should always fit the space. Sales presentations, case studies and one-sheets require a visual voice that is clean, minimal and direct. Whereas advertising campaigns can be loud and bold in order for visuals to compete for attention in loud places.

Brand Guideline Overview

This document is an instructional manual on how to use Zefr branding materials. It is intended for different audiences with differing levels of familiarity with the brand including, presentation specialists, graphic designers, and external agencies.


We seek to ensure the Zefr brand is promoted consistently, both internally and externally. To learn how the new design elements should be used, it is important to understand the goals and ethos behind the materials. In addition to explaining when and how assets should be executed, we anticipate potential misuses by spotlighting the brand’s history and evolution.

Define brand voice variations
for different touch points 


Our Message



Don't Use "BrandID" or "VideoID technology"

Our video advertising suite is simply called Zefr.

Abandon use of any of the following names:

Same RightsID, new style

RightsID will keep the same naming convention, however, the previous treatments are no longer necessary. You no longer need to use the registered mark, or use italics on the product name. 

Abandon use of the following styles:

RightsID Monetize

RightsID Protect

RightsID Publishing

Voice and Tone

It's important to learn how to apply Zefr's voice and choose the right tone. Our voice reflects who we are. Our tone reflects the context and situation of which our message is delivered. 

Two key tones are routinely used across sales and marketing touch points: commercial tone and teaching tone

The goal of the commercial tone is brand consistency that leverages design to attract attention. The goal of the teaching tone is to extend the design experience of the Zefr suite across the marketing collateral.


The best way to decide which tone to use is to determine the task. Are you broadly introducing Zefr in a crowded space? (advertisements, events, etc.) Are you educating about Zefr products or the concept of contextual advertising to someone in our industry? (ebooks, sales presentations, etc.) 

Commercial Tone

Advertisements, events, speaking engagements, press, social media, etc.

Branding Elements 

Copy: Top-level, broad, introductory, short-form 

Typography: Verlag, Open Sans 

Colors: Zefr palette, or adapted palette for situation 

Logo: Design is constant. Color can adapt for situation

Teaching Tone

Sales presentations, ebooks, one-sheets, data visualizations, etc

Branding Elements 

Copy: Comprehensive, immersive, statistical, long-form

Typography: Open Sans 

Colors: Zefr palette

Logo: Design and color constant.


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